The Cook Family Legacy

Legacy Heating and Air Inc. is owned and operated by the Cook family which has been in the heating and air conditioning business since 1945 when my great grandfather, Vernon Cook moved to Elkhart to become a Lennox Furnace Dealer. Over the years, along with my grandfather Roger Cook and my dad Brad Cook, they built the business from the ground up at the same location at 2316 South Main Street in Elkhart.

In 1972, Cook introduced the unique idea of “Planned Service”, which was the first pre-paid maintenance agreement in the area. Planned Service steadily grew to over 5,000 customers by 1999 as homeowners came to realize that maintaining their homes heating and air conditioning system helped keep their equipment clean and in good working order – extending the life expectancy of their system as well as keep their system running at peak efficiency.

In 1999, our business was purchased by a major supplier. No major changes were made and as promised, ownership did not interfere with the operations and the company ran as it always did – with a focus on serving customers on a personalized basis and on making sure our valued employees had plenty of work to do each day.

Grandpa with old truck
Grandpa with old truck

Service Trucks

Although it had its ups and downs the Cook family and employees remained loyal and performed very well for the company. In 2011, the company restructured and put all 110 service centers under the same corporate brand. Despite the changes, we decided to “give it a chance and see what happens”. Unfortunately, the company took a centralized, corporate approach to business. In 2012, the Cook family decided it was time for a change and time to get back into a small family business again where we have more control of the business and can offer customers a better, low key, personalized approach that only a smaller, local company can offer.

In July of 2012 planning had begun on establishing a new business – a business that would be focused on gaining customers by providing top notch personal service. The name of Legacy Heating and Air Inc. was chosen to convey the fact that our family has been in the heating and air conditioning business in the Michigan area for the better part of seven decades. Getting back to a small family business means improved customer service. All incoming calls are answered live, by a Legacy Heating and Air employee, 24/7.

We want to create a business that would be worthy of the Legacy my grandfather and father had passed down to me and one that I could proudly pass on to my son someday – our 5th generation in the business! Whether you are a new customer or someone who has worked with us in the past, we thank you for your business and look forward to welcoming you to the Legacy family!

Yours for a new generation in comfort,

Tony Cook


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