On the Trendy Air Conditioners: What Will Provide Long-Term Viability

The HVAC market grows every day. With each advancement, we can feel that the entire industry is moving in the right direction. Modern technology is making air conditioners and heat pumps cater to specific needs, which can only be good.

But we encourage our customers to be wary of trends, particularly in air conditioners. Much like in popular segments of technology, what’s new in AC isn’t always the best. So before you order an air conditioner for Indiana home, it’s best to consult with an expert. We believe that we’re the one you can trust with your needs.

There are some trends, however, that are worth your attention. In a sea of cutting-edge comfort tech in the latest AHR Expo (The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition), these stood out as the most viable, long-term developments:

Aggressive Ductless Growth

Ductless isn’t new tech, but industry heads are seeing a surge in acceptance this year. After all, the system offers more efficiency and comfort advantages. Maintaining a constant level of temperature is much easier, for one. It also reduces energy consumption, quickens air conditioning, and retrofitting is very possible.

Whole-Home Systems

Air conditioning your entire home may be more of a possibility than a dream. Modern mini-splits are becoming more capable of conditioning large spaces. What’s desirable is that there isn’t much of a leap in technology. Mini-splits today combine better equipment and more useful features in one unit.

Smarter Units

One big boon for us contractors is that air conditioners are becoming “smarter.” We’ve no doubt we’ll encounter units that have built-in diagnostics. This enables the air conditioner to meet precise comfort needs in real time. Automation isn’t new in HVAC, but accommodating needs in real time would be an amazing feature in comfort solutions.

As a Daikin representative, we know what it’s like to be at the forefront of the industry. More than that, we’ve always been dependable and a part of our community for 70 years.

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Why Does Your AC Emit Strange Odors?

All you want is to enjoy cool air after a long day at work is to turn on your air conditioning unit and relax. What if it suddenly emits a foul smell, like that of a dead animal? Cool air or not, you will want to get rid of that stench by calling for AC repairs in Indiana.

Here are the strange smells that your air conditioning unit may emit.

Skunk Spray

The strong smell of skunk spray does not necessarily mean your AC system has a dead skunk decomposing in the vents. You may have a gas leak, which endangers you and your family. Once you encounter this, call a reliable technician right away.

Methyl mercaptan, added to propane and natural gas for leak detection, smells a lot like skunk spray. So if you detect that foul odor, you may have a leak.


Stagnant water that has accumulated in the system causes this odor. Thorough cleaning is necessary when dealing with the stinky feet smell.

Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs can be vomit-inducing. The most common cause for the odor is dead animals decomposing in the air vents. Opossums, squirrels, and rats seek refuge during winter. These animals may end up taking shelter in your home’s air ducts if your home is easy to access.


The cause for this stench is usually a backed up sewer line near the duct system. It only takes a little methane from the sewage leak to get into the vents and into your home. This is dangerous because this can cause nausea, vomiting, suffocation, and loss of consciousness.

A bad smell can do more than add to your discomfort and irritate you. The most troubling odor can make you and your family sick. So resolve the issue right away.

At any time of the day, you can call for help for any AC repairs in Indiana, as we here at Legacy Heating & Air, we offer a 24/7 emergency service for any furnace or AC repair. We service all makes and models, including American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Trane, and Westinghouse.

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Avoiding Outdoor Pollution? Staying Indoors Might Not Be a Lot Better

If you’re a city dweller, you know the feeling of wanting to get inside as soon as possible after a long day outside. It might be the dreary weather, annoying people, or lack of stable Wi-Fi that makes you want to get home as soon as possible and hole up for a few days. More still cite the pollution from cars stuck in Indianapolis traffic jams and fumes coming from several fast food joints as factors that put them off from spending more time outdoors.

The Environmental Protection Agency has news for you though: it reports that indoor environments are found to be two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. How on earth is this possible? Well, consider that most of the stuff we have in our homes contains and produces toxic gases that slip our notice because we’re so used to it.

Poor Ventilation

Indoor air quality can suffer from inadequate ventilation, often caused by dirty air ducts and clogged air filters. In addition to the high humidity that faulty ventilation causes, it contaminates the air with dust, allergens, and other pollutants.

People with asthma and other pulmonary conditions are at great risk of developing complications with prolonged exposure to such air; those with relatively strong lungs won’t be spared from contracting respiratory problems further down the line either. Air duct cleaning services in Indiana can help you prevent these problems from escalating further.

Mold Infestations

Mold forms in hidden, humid areas of the house, especially where moisture tends to build up. Mold spores are a type of allergen and can trigger respiratory problems among residents. Look for musty odors in places like basements and boiler rooms and have these areas remediated immediately.


Poorly ventilated sources of fuel like gas, oil, kerosene, or wood for cooking purposes give off toxic carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide when heated. Carbon monoxide aggravates cardiovascular conditions, while nitrogen dioxide irritates the eyes and reduces resistance to infection.

Avoid these illness-causing indoor pollutants with our air duct cleaning services. Our professional assistance, combined with our top-of-the-line equipment, ensures that your indoor air quality is restored to healthy levels. Contact us today for a service appointment or a free in-home estimate.

4 Businesses That are Most Affected by a Power Outage

Nowadays, most businesses cannot function in the absence of electrical power. Just imagine how a restaurant or a corporate office can last a day without electricity. What’s worse is that a power outage, even a brief one, can cause substantial losses to a company. As a matter of fact, here are the businesses that are most affected by a power failure:

1. Manufacturing companies

Power outages can suddenly halt production lines. This could result in a loss of raw materials, breakdown of machinery, and wasted production time. Plus, as the first post in the supply chain, interruptions in a manufacturing company’s operations can greatly affect other businesses, as well.

2. Groceries, Food Processing Plants, and Other Businesses That Deal with Perishable Items

Without power, it is impossible to preserve perishables with extremely limited lifespans. Food processing plants and other businesses that deal with perishable items can lose thousands of dollars from a power failure that lasts just a few days. In addition, these businesses have to deal with further damages caused by spoilage and contamination of the food products.

3. Data Centers and Financial Corporations

Insurance companies, IT services firms, and other businesses with hundreds of transactions every day can be severely hampered by power failures. They won’t only lose production time and daily profits, but they may also lose thousands of transaction records that are expensive to recover.

4. Medical Facilities

In hospitals, many patients rely on health monitoring and life support systems. Power interruptions do not only bring the operations of the entire facility to a halt, they can also – and far worse – result in the loss of many lives.

Of course, these businesses know the importance of power in their operations. If not all, most of them have huge backup power generators to save them from various losses caused by power outages. But what about the smaller businesses that are in the same industries as those listed above?

Fortunately, there are now portable or small standby generators they can buy in Indiana and other states. The problem, however, is that many of them fail to invest in this equipment. If you look closer, these smaller businesses have certainly more to lose than their huge counterparts in the industry, during a power interruption.

If you want to learn more about standby generators for your startup or local business, give us a call, today.

Warm Days: It’s Good for Your Body

Let’s be honest. Summer days aren’t always that great. There are days when the temperature is too high and you can’t focus on anything because you feel sweaty and sticky. It’s because of this that many people look forward to fall and eventually winter, when everything’s chilly and cozy once again.

Don’t curse the heat, though. It could actually be quite beneficial for the body.

Warm Weather Could Motivate You to Be More Active

Warm weather encourages you to be more active in two ways.

First, it could motivate you to exercise. When it’s cold outside, most people would rather stay cuddled up in their blanket and be in bed all day. Meanwhile, you might be inspired to get up and do some exercises—running, swimming, or yoga—on warmer days.

Second, it could motivate you to be in a better mood. Whereas cold weather could make you feel down or drowsy, warm weather could make you feel more socially active. Warmer days might inspire you to go out and socialize, thus effectively lifting up your spirits.

Warm Weather Could Boost Your Alertness

Warm weather doesn’t just boost your physical activity. It boosts your mental alertness, too.

Many researchers have studied the effects of body temperature on human performance. A 2002 research about the relationship between alertness, performance, and body temperature shows that an individual’s overall alertness and mental performance improve with a higher body temperature.

Simply put, warm weather keeps people alert and improve the memory. It could improve your attentiveness and general performance—as long as it isn’t too hot, at least.

Enjoy natural sunlight and heat during summer; turn up the A/C during particularly humid days. Once the cold weather arrives, however, make sure that your furnace and heating system are up and running. They will encourage to take on more physical activity and boost your mental alertness in addition to keeping you warm.

Whether you need to repair your heating system or buy a furnace for your Indiana home, get in touch with us. We’ll help keep your home comfortable regardless of the season.

Warm but Thrifty: Keep Toasty this Heating Season without Losing Big Bucks

The next heating season doesn’t have to mean hefty utility bills. You can cut on your energy bills but still stay warm with these two tips.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Systems

If your home’s heating system is more than a decade old, you might want to consider having a new system installed. We understand that most homeowners try to put off upgrading their heating system because of the installation costs they are expecting. But it is actually more costly to stick with old heating systems in terms of money and safety. Old furnace systems actually use up more energy. They are also getting more expensive to maintain as their parts are becoming hard to find in the market.

Legacy Heating and Air, Inc. supplies Daikin’s hi-efficiency gas furnaces and home heating products. Daikin’s gas furnaces have high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, giving users a warm, comfortable home while helping them cut back on energy bills.

Don’t Forget Basic Maintenance

There are some basic furnace maintenance tasks you can do by yourself. The first is replacing the furnace air filter. The filter traps all kinds of dust and debris and this can get clogged in a few months. The frequency of replacement depends on the occupants of your home and if you have pets. You can check your filter every two months to be sure.  Eventually, you will be able to estimate if you have to replace your filter every two months, six months or more.

You can also wipe down the furnace, blower assembly, pulleys and belts while you change the filter. Regular professional inspection is crucial for the maintenance of your furnace system. Have your system inspected annually at the end of each heating season. You can also have your system checked in preparation for the heating season.

If you get a Daikin furnace system from us, you will receive free professional maintenance for the first year. We can check and clean your system for you. If you choose any of our installation and maintenance packages, you can have repairs, inspections and maintenance visits for free or at a discounted rate.

Legacy Heating and Air, Inc has over 70 years of experience and is a hand-selected Daikin pro in the area. Call us today to order your high-efficiency furnace in Indiana.

Three Ways Air Conditioning Changed the World

More than a century ago, air conditioning was nothing more than a pipe dream for many Americans and for the rest of the world. In hot and humid regions, summer was a period of inefficiency and poor health, brought about by unbearable indoor and outdoor air quality. The invention that is the air conditioner boomed following its introduction at the U.S. World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904, and consequently became a major part of life in the modern world.

Industrial Efficiency

The idea behind air conditioning arose from the need for industries to run smoothly throughout the year and provide a suitable environment for workers. Later studies proved that there is a direct relationship between productivity and air quality, showing that human productivity peaks between 18C and 22C. On top of workers’ comfort, air conditioning was the ideal way to deal with excess moisture and heat waves.

Humidity Control

Prior to the introduction of air conditioning, public buildings, such as theaters and underground spaces, closed during the summer because the heat and moisture were unbearable. In the 1920s, air conditioning became a major selling point for movie theaters, as attractive to movie-goers as the films on the roster. Because heat waves were becoming more frequent, developers had to find a way to make precision control of the weather accessible to the public. Coincidentally, their efforts resulted in far-reaching effects on human health and modern life, in general.

Urban Expansion

Unlike radiators and boilers, air conditioning was a more transformative invention, given how challenging it was to incorporate into buildings. There had to be a separate distribution system and small-scale equipment to cool a single, small space. It was only in the 1930s that central air conditioning became a new option when General Electric began integrating small air conditioning units into residential furnaces. This event became a major contributor to urban sprawl and transport development.

Modern air conditioning is proof that “necessity is the mother of invention.” While energy consumption remains a concern, cleaner and greener air conditioning is becoming more possible, thanks to continuous innovation.

Legacy Heating and Air, Inc has been in the HVAC industry since 1945 and has seen the growth of air conditioning across a range of applications and establishments. If you’re looking to buy an air conditioner in Indiana that you will enjoy for years to come, get in touch with us today.

The Goldilocks of Furnaces: Why You should Get One that’s Sized Just Right

There is a misconception that bigger appliances equate to better performance. Things are not that simple, however. Oversized furnaces, for instance, can cause homeowners more than a few headaches. Here are the common problems that come with improper furnace sizing.

Less Comfortable in Certain Areas of the House

An oversized furnace will keep your house warm, no matter how cold it gets outside. When it kicks in, however, some areas of your home will warm up very quickly to a point that the heat becomes more than uncomfortable. In poorly-insulated homes, the heat can dissipate quickly, causing the too-big furnace to turn on and off frequently.

Constant Cycles Reduce Furnace Lifespan

While Legacy Heating & Air provides efficient furnace services in Indiana, it is still the best to get a furnace that’s just the right size for your home to reduce repair costs. As the engine of a furnace works a lot like a car’s, with the constant on and off cycles, an oversized furnace dramatically reduces its lifespan through wear and tear.

Prone to Short Cycling

Due to its size, an oversized furnace tends to run hot. Therefore, their surrounding temperatures will reach the preferred temperature faster than other parts of the home, leading to premature shutdowns. If a furnace short cycles too frequently it will go into shutdown mode to prevent further damage. This is likely to happen when it gets extremely cold outside, which is the most critical time that you do want your furnace to work.

Replacing a furnace can be a nuisance, so it is important to get the right size unit the first time around. As newer furnaces are more efficient, it is advisable to install furnaces with lower British thermal units (BTUs), which is the industry-standard used to measure the heating efficiency of furnaces.

If you have more questions about common furnace problems and other HVAC concerns, contact Legacy Heating & Air today.

Prolonged Power Outages May be Imminent: Are You Prepared?

Severe weather and aging infrastructure are making Americans vulnerable to prolonged power outages.

As climate change increases, the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events are also likely to rise, possibly resulting in more, prolonged outages.

To mitigate the risk of sustained outages posed by climate change, the government must invest in technology that will enhance the US electrical grid’s capabilities. Replacing the wires, power plants, poles and transformers that make up the grid, however, may cost up to $5 trillion. These circumstances expose American households to imminent long outages.

Standby Generators a Possible Solution

A standby generator can help households prepare for long outages.

Apart from keeping the contents of the fridge fresh, generators also keep sump pumps working, saving the basement from flooding. Generators, moreover, are essential in keeping communication devices on, making the home safer for very young or elderly members of the family.

In the absence of electricity, you may try to heat your home using alternate sources, which may put you at a risk of carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning. By investing in a standby generator, you have a safe power source that keeps your home comfortable without risking your safety.

Take the First Step to Safety

The first step in shopping for generators is getting in touch with an honest and knowledgeable generator installer.

A good supplier should be able to help you assess your needs and decide on the unit that will work best for you. As stationary generators may require certain permits and site approvals in certain cities, it pays to work with an installer who knows your locale’s specific requirements as well as any costs the process may entail.

As a trusted provider of standby generators in Indiana, let Legacy Heating and Air, Inc. will help you take the first step to safety. We offer top-grade, fully automatic standby generators from Eaton, installed by our experienced and certified technicians.

To inquire about standby generators or to receive help in choosing the unit that best suits your need, fill out our online form and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

Don’t Try This at Home: Leave Your Furnace Repairs to Professionals

It can be incredibly tempting to try and repair your furnace by yourself. You have the liberty to perform repairs your way, after all. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money just to hire a licensed technician.

While repairing a furnace is something that you could do on your own, it may not be a wise idea. Any repair mistakes could leave your house unheated during the cold season — or worse, put your heating system completely out of commission! Before you try to attempt a DIY repair, keep these things in mind.

You could Void the Furnace’s Warranty

A lot of furnace manufacturers have strict conditions regarding product warranty. Most of these warranties explicitly state that a licensed technician with the necessary, approved parts is required when repairing furnace malfunctions. Conducting the repair on your own could void the warranty. Thus, it’s always important to read the warranty carefully and let a qualified professional repair your broken appliance.

You could Make the Problem Worse

A furnace is a complicated machine, and it takes an expert to repair it. A simple issue may make the heating system unusable if you try to repair it without knowing how, after all. Place the repair of your broken furnace in the hands of an expert technician instead. These technicians have undergone extensive apprenticeship and training so they can perform even the most complex fixes.

You could Hurt Yourself

Furnaces typically require electricity or gas to function. It goes without saying that both types should be handled with care. Fixing a furnace without knowing about the proper safety precautions can put you and your family in danger. Technicians go through advanced training to learn about the safety measures required to put in place while repairing a furnace.

Instead of attempting to conduct DIY repair work on your furnace, call a licensed furnace service technician like ours at Legacy Heating & Air to do the repairs for you! We offer comprehensive furnace service and repair so that the heating system of your home can work at the optimum service level.

Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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