Buying Standby Generators in Indiana

Nobody is invulnerable to power interruptions. Today, there’s always the risk of power lines being temporarily brought down due to unforeseen circumstances. While residences can handle this relatively well, power interruptions don’t always benefit commercial establishments.

As a premier provider of standby generators in Indiana, Legacy Heating and Air, Inc. is ready to help. A standby generator does basically what its name says: it sits on standby when things go well, but when main power lines are down, it springs into action. Having a standby generator means there’s little to no worry of business losses due to power interruptions. When everything else is down, commercial establishments can soldier on and keep on providing essential services.

Come and peruse the inventory today, and see which emergency generators fit specific needs.

Eaton Standby Generators

Eliminate Your Stress & Worry For Good

Eaton’s standby generators continually monitor your home’s connection to the local electric utility. Outages trigger the system to automatically switch to generator power until local power is restored. All models are fully automatic. Homeowners can obtain levels of power suitable for running everything from specific applications, such as sump pumps and refrigerators, to complete whole-home or small office building comfort.

ad-Eat31What You Should Consider

•    Advanced electronics provide totally reliable backup power, thus relieving worry and frustration.
•    Contractor-friendly features make installations quick and easy, which saves time and money.
•    The wide range of sizes, and voltages  means flexibility to choose from varying levels of power, as needed.
•    All models exercise at ultra quiet 66 dB or less sound level so power is delivered with minimal noise.
•    Choice of Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) gas operation (field convertible up to 48kw) allows flexibility
•    24-hour technical support, 7 days a week means backup power protection has minimal to no downtime.
•    All products come with competitive warranty protection, which saves money on repairs.

Facts You Cannot Ignore!

FACT: More people die from exposure after a storm and before normalcy is restored than during a storm. People more at risk are the elderly, sick and very young.

FACT: Restoring power to your home as quickly as possible can keep food stocks and medicines fresh and usable. Also, well pumps and sewer systems must be restored as soon as possible.

FACT: The electrical grid in the USA is now old (50+ yrs.) and becoming more and more susceptible to outages.

FACT: During an emergency it is very important to remain in a constant state of communication with local/national news, weather and information.

FACT: A loss of electrical power can cause stress to family members and pets.

FACT: With the advent of the standby generator, portable generators are now considered useful only in extreme circumstances.

FACT: 85% of portable generators 1 year or older will not start when an emergency occurs.

FACT: It is unlawful to hook up a generator to your electrical system without a transfer switch.

FACT: Most portable generators run on gasoline, which is dangerous to store and in very short supply during an emergency.

FACT: If not sized correctly, portable generators can be over-powered causing damage to appliances and the generator.

FACT: Most homeowners with portable generators find the constant switching of appliance to appliance to lighting to window air conditioning bothersome and dangerous.

FACT: Besides the cost of the portable generator, most homeowners will also need to purchase a window/portable air conditioner, transfer switch, heavy extension cords, gasoline cans, gasoline and be willing to go outside at all hours of the day and night to fuel the portable generator.

victorian-style-american-home-3724917Reasons To Have A Standby Generator

Standby generation is quickly becoming a necessary appliance for the homeowner. Standby generators provide electrical power for times when your electrical provider cannot run.

bigstock-Hispanic-family-outside-home-23443583When Standby Generation Becomes Necessary

Blackouts | Brownouts | Grid Failure | Heat Wave | Hurricanes | Ice Storms | Maintenance to Power Grid | Terrorism | Transformer Failure |
Utility Outage from Downed Power Lines | Windstorm

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