Who is Daikin?

Here is a great video giving you a great overview about Daikin. Not only are you getting the best technology in the marketplace, but this American Made products gives you the best bang for your hard earned dollar.

Who is Daikin?

One of the World's Largest Heating and Air Provders in the world

Daikin is the world's largest makers of air conditioners in the world.

Daikin Products are:

  • Made here in Houston Texas.  If it is for this country, it is made here in the United States creating 5000 jobs.
  • Have the best warranties in the business including lifetime warranty on heat exchangers on a Daikin gas furnace.

Why Daikin?

Legacy Chose Daikin due to its reliability

Stronger warranties and the commitment to improving technology to lessen the effect on the enviroment, Daikin was an easy choice for Legacy Heating and Air.




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