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Humidity Control

Our Dehumidifiers

Excess moisture in your home creates perfect conditions for mold growth, allergens, musty odors, and mildew which can lead to unhealthy air. Aprilaire dehumidifiers remove the right amount of moisture from every room in your home, until your optimal humidity level has been reached.

Our whole-house dehumidifiers can also help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient while protecting your home’s assets. The Aprilaire dehumidifier includes a dedicated drain which means there is no messy water tray to empty. Yearly filter cleaning or replacement makes maintenance simple.

Home Air Monitor


Reduce overly humid conditions to help protect furnishings and belongings from warpage, mildew, and rot.

One+ smart thermostat

Inhibits Unhealthy Conditions

Reduces the growth of allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Daikin One ecosystem

Increase Comfort

Get rid of that sticky, clammy feeling and those musty smells.

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Why Choose Aprilaire

Aprilaire has been the industry leader in residential humidification control since 1954, and delivering Healthy Air to everyone has been our main goal since the beginning.

A whole-house dehumidifier from Aprilaire is a high-capacity unit, specifically designed to maintain the proper level of humidity in your entire home by eliminating excess moisture. Maintaining the right level of humidity is important for health, comfort, and home preservation.

Our home dehumidifiers are built with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and include a sturdy design to prevent leakage. They are manufactured in the USA and come backed by a 5-year warranty. Aprilaire dehumidifiers include an intuitive digital control that allows you to set the desired humidity level for your home, making moisture control easy.

Controlling your Humidity

Daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add as much as 25 pints of moisture to your home!

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Healthy Humidity

Breathe Healthy Air no matter when or where. Find out how balancing your humidity benefits your health.

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FAQs: Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

This is a comprehensive list of our most frequently asked questions
on our Aprilaire dehumidifier line.

Resolving Flooded Homes from Winter Weather

Unusual winter weather stretched across much of the country in February 2021
leaving many without water or power for days and even lead a flooded home.

Humidity and COVID-19

Humidifiers and relative humidity levels can play a key role
in protecting you and your family against COVID-19.

Is your Dehumidifier Safe? The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has recalled millions of portable dehumidifiers due to fire hazards.

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