Aprilaire Humidifier

Improve Family Health and Energy Efficiency

Protect your family and home when you install a new Aprilaire Whole Humidifier system. Controlling the humidity in your home helps to prevent sicknesses like colds and viruses, as well as reducing asthma symptoms. Purchasing a humidifier is an investment that continues to pay for itself by allowing you to stay warmer at lower temperatures, saving you money in heating costs. Contact us today for more information!

Problems with Dry Air

Low Humidity isn't just uncomfortable, it causes problems in your home


  • Makes you more susceptible to catching a cold

  • Causes an increase in respiratory infections

  • Dries your skin and gives you itchy eyes

  • Builds up static shock

  • Makes your home feel cooler

  • Causes walls and woodwork to crack


Learn More About Why You Need a Humidifier



Humidifier Solutions

Save Money when you add Humidity to your Home


  • Controls health by keeping airwaves and nasal passages healthy

  • Protects your home by keeping your woodwork and electronics safe

  • Saves money by allowing you lower your thermostat

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