How Much Money Will Maintenance Save You?

Legacy Maintenance Plans are designed to save you headaches as well as money....How do you ask?

Better Efficiency These furnaces and air conditioners are finely tuned pieces of equipment that operate to provide you the best use of your energy dollar.  Just like your car, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be maintained to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.  Dust and grime can be a killer to a system if they aren't properly maintained.not to mentions all the ga-jillion moving parts.

Fewer Repairs Just like your vehicle, the more maintaining you put into your HVAC equipment the longer it runs and the fewer big repairs are necessary.  Furnace and Air Conditioning Units last about 15 years so to squeeze every bit out of it, maintaining it is the long play.  Many manufacture requre maintenance for their warranties to be valid.

Family Dollars Legacy's family dollars program puts money back for you every year that you are on a maintenance plan.  Not only do you save money with better running equipment, but you save money for tomorrow.

Legacy Discounts and Special offers Legacy Maintenance customers receive other fantastic discounts and features that save them time and money.  Don't believe me?  Click here for details.