10 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your HVAC Equipment

Maintaining your Furnace and Air Conditioner

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining your automobile, but seldom do people think about maintaining their furnace and air conditioner. Here are 10 reason why you should do it.

10. Many Manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty intact

9. Regular Maintenance keeps your equipment running longer

8. Regular Maintenance keeps your equipment running as efficient as possible

7. Legacy Maintenance programs set aside up to $200 a year towards replacement equipment when the time comes, up to $1200 total.

6. Legacy Maintenance Program eliminates any overtime fee for nights and weekends emergencies

5. Legacy Maintenance Program guarantees you Same Day Service when repairs are needed

4. Have a humidifier? Legacy will replace that humidifier pad once a year!

3. Legacy Maintenance customers receive discounts on future repairs

2. Legacy Maintenance programs pay for themselves and start as little as $13.75 a month

1. Legacy Maintenance programs maintain the comfort in your home and the air that you breath. What is more important than that?

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