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Daikin Fit Overview

Superior Daikin Products from Legacy Heating and Air, Inc.

A revolutionary side discharge system that won’t compromise on comfort.
The Daikin Fit System offers solutions when the traditional cube style

Air Conditioning Compressor

Air is essential to our existence and Daikin’s role and responsibility
in enriching it continues to expand. Daikin is devoted, with unbridled
passion, to overcoming the ever- evolving challenges of the air around
us. Leveraging our leading, cutting- edge technologies, with a holistic
focus on performance, reliability, design, aesthetics, air environment,
ease of use and efficiency, we create outstanding products and system
solutions to realize a comfortable and sustainable living environment
for all people and all regions of the world.

This is AIR INTELLIGENCE and this is what Daikin is about.

Going beyond the limitations of the traditional HVAC box

Your home is unique, just like your comfort needs. Although traditional
“cube style” systems have been providing comfort for years, they can be
cumbersome for certain spaces. The compact size of the Daikin Fit system
now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise.

  • Perfect for homes with limited installation space
  • Can be ground or wall-mounted to free up additional (valuable) space
    where it matters most
  • Slick and slim profile – ideal for zero lot line homes and/or
    locations, patio, terrace, roof, and multi-story locations that
    would typically require a crane to install

Space-saving. Efficient. Affordable.

Daikin Fit Features:

  • Up to 18 SEER / Up to 10 HSPF (for heat pump)
  • Inverter (variable-speed) Compressor – Ideal indoor comfort and efficiency
  • Low operational sound levels – Reclaim outdoor space
  • Quiet-mode – Provides enhanced acoustical comfort
  • Blue Fin Corrosion Coating – Long condenser coil life and reliability
  • Swing Compressor – Quiet and dependable
  • Side panel access – Ease of service for annual maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight – The trunk style outdoor unit is perfect when installation space is limited

Heat Pump Unit Features:

  • Intelligent Defrost Mode The outdoor unit will enable this mode to help prevent frost/ice from building up in cold climate conditions. It will also help with longer heating operation time for additional comfort for occupants (compared to HVAC systems without this function).
  • – A selectable defrost backup heat option, when turned off, will lower power consumption during defrost.
  • Advanced water-shedding drain pan – engineered with multiple drain holes and channels to help provide effective water shedding.
  • Hot start technology – When the heating operation starts or when the unit changes from cooling to heating there is no cold draft released into the room.

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