Standby Generators

Blackouts, major storms and other natural disasters are a few of many situations that can challenge and damage the power grid where you live. It may seem unlikely, but in the event of an emergency, a standby generator can provide electricity to a house for days. This type of generator would be installed permanently near your home and be connected directly to the electrical panel. It is best to consult a professional to asses the needs of your home or small business as well as detail the logistics of the generator installation. The process requires advanced electrical and plumbing knowledge as well as understanding local building codes, so please call us today if you have any inquiries about standby generator function and installation.

Don't Get Caught Without Power

A standby generator basically does what the name says: it sits on standby when things go well, but when the main power is down, the generator jumps into action.Standby generators will:

  • Keep your food safe inside your refrigerator or freezer

  • Keep the lights on 

  • Keep the sump pump operating

  • Keep your HVAC system working 

  • Keeps your home/office communication field functioning

Eaton Standby Generator 


Eaton Standby Generator at Legacy Heating and Air Inc.

The Eaton Standy Generator is the perfect solution to keep your home safe and comfortable during difficult times.