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Make your home a Smart Home with home automation solutions from Legacy Heating and Air Inc. The installation of these products will drastically increase the safety, efficiency, and convenience of all aspects of your home - while giving you peace of mind at the same time. Even if you do not feel like you are the most tech-savvy person, our dedicated experts will help you find the right solutions for your home and show you how they can all be connected & managed (most with the touch of just a few buttons!). Click on a specific device below to learn more or contact us to get a full overview.

Connected and Protected

Connected and Protected

Legacy Heating and Air Connected and Protected

  • Designed all in one package

    • Smart Thermostat
      • Monitor your temperature and program your temperature
    • Energy Saver to Monitor Energy Usage
      • Find ways to save money by monitoring energy usage
    • Two Smart Water Sensors
      • Place around water heater and sump pump to avoid walking into a mess
    • Carbon Monoxide Detector
      • Communicates with your furnace to not only alert you when unsafe levels are present but also will shut off your furnace
  • Legacy Home Home Automation Systems DO NOT run on your WIFI but on a dedicated Cellular Hub with 24 Battery Back up 

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Home Automation Accessories

Legacy Heating and Air Inc Smart Thermostat Options

Smart Thermostats


Legacy Heating and Air Inc Smart Door Keyless Entry

Smart Door


 Legacy Heating and Air Inc Smart Water Sensors

Smart Water Sensors


Legacy Heating and Air Inc. Garage Door Monitoring Device

Smart Garage Doors


Legacy Heating and Air Inc Smart Light Controls

Smart Light Controls


Legacy Heating and Air Inc Enhanced Video Monitoring

Legacy Heating and Air Inc Smart Camera

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