iWave Air Purifier

The Advantages of iWave Air Purification Systems

iWave Air Purification is a great stress-free way to keep the air you breathe clean and free from inhabitants. iWave's technology generates ions that reduce allergens like mold and mildew, viruses, particles, smoke and odors in the air. iWave air purifiers leave no harmful byproducts and include a self-cleaning design, allowing you to enjoy several years of maintenance-free performance.

Healthy, Fresh Air

The iWave Purification System uses a non-ozone producing feature to keep the air that you breathe free of pollutants

  • Self cleaning, requires no maintenance

  • Installs in any duct air conditioning or heating system

  • Needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator

  • "Clumps" pollutants together so that the air filter will catch all of it