Water Sensors: Flood Protection

Protect your most important investment - your home with water sensors from Legacy Heating and Air. These flood-protection devices can be installed on their own or in combination with our other home automation solutions. Have questions? Contact our home automation experts today!

Keep an Eye on your Home When you Aren't There

Legacy's Automation System allows you to keep an eye on your home's water trouble spots with water sensors that report directly to your mobile device.  Catch water problems before they become expensive.

When teamed up with Legacy's Water Cop system, you will be able to control water flow into your home by taking control of your main water valve to shut off the water, preventing major damage.


Water Sensors.jpg

Protect your Home from Severe Water Damage

Legacy's Water Sensor Solutions:

  • Will notify you via text message if there is water in the area that it is monitoring

  • Notifications can be sent to several people if you aren't home

  • Can shut off the main water valve coming into the home to stop a broken pipe

  • Powered through Verizon and Battery back up if there is a power outage

  • May save you money in home owner insurance

  • All Legacy Home Automation Systems are powered by one simple app


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