Smart Thermostat Solutions

Save Money by Staying in Control of Your Home

Legacy's Smart Thermostats offer a more robust solution to your Home Automation:

  • Schedule Temperatures when you are home and away.  Click here to see how easy it is to schedule your homes temperature

  • Receive alerts when temperatures reach critical levels

  • Monitor your run times of your furnace and air compressor to make sure that they are running at peak efficiency

  • Track usage of the system to make sure you are maximizing your heating and cooling investment

  • Powered by Verizon Wireless so it will not drag down your WiFi

  • 24 Hour Back up to monitor your homes temperature when you are gone

  • Your entire smart home will be controlled by one simple app on your smart phone

  • The Average Smart Home will save up to 30% on your Heating and Air Conditioning bills

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