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Daikin Ductless Solutions

Daikin Mini-Splits Annual Operating Costs

All Daikin Ductless Heat pumps consist of an indoor unit which is wall mounted, floor-mounted or concealed, paired with a quiet and compact outdoor unit.

These are great solutions for small areas that need to be maintained when ducts and a central furnace isn't an option.

Legacy's Ductless Line Up

  • Daikin VRV LIFE

The VRV LIFE systems have become the standard in energy savings, flexibility and comfort. VRV LIFE Systems reduce energy consumption compared to the traditional ducted systems.

Personalized ComfortVRV Roofview
  • No More Arguments over the Temperature

  • Energy Savings: turn off zones not in use

  • Solve hot and cold sports by adding more indoor units

  • Solutions can be out of sight and out of mind

Integrate with Current System Daikin Furnace & Air Conditioner
  • The VRV System is compatible to support your communicating Gas Furnace System

  • Flexibility to solve HVAC issues while re-purposing current equipment

Daikin 15 Series Ductless Wall Mount System

The Daikin 15 Series wall mount is a single zone air conditioner ideal for renovations, remodeling, hot or cold rooms like sun rooms and basements, or rooms with no accessibility to your main duct-work. This product is available in both heat pump and cooling only models, providing premium comfort at an excellent value. The design of these wall-mounted units enable subtle placement in any room of your home and operate so quietly that you won't even know they are there. Learn more about the Daikin 15 series wall mount system by filling out the form below or contacting one of our experts today!

Energy Efficient Comfort for your Home or BusinessDaiken 15 Series Wall Mount System - Large

This Ductless Heat pump is available in both cooling only and heat pump configuration to offer advanced features at an outstanding value:

  • Wall-mounted high on the wall to not detract from the decor

  • Operate very quietly

  • Up to 15 SEER

  • Cooling range 50-115 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Heating range 5-65 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Washable Air Filter

  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment

  • 10 year limited parts warranty

Daikin Ductless 19 Series Wall Mount

The Daikin 19-Series Wall Mount system gives certain areas of your home added comfort that you can control. They are available in both heat pump and cooling models - providing energy efficiency at an extremely affordable price point. The system consists of a wall-indoor unit paired with a small outdoor unit that is hardly noticeable. Whether you are adding on a room in a home renovation, would like extra climate control in a nursery, or simply have a space that requires additional heating or cooling due to poor air flow, the 19-series ductless wall mount will give you the flexibility and comfort you are looking for. Contact us today with further questions or concerns. Our experts are always happy to help.

Daikin 19 Series Wall Mount

Daikin 19 Series Wall Mount Benefits
Efficient Heating and Cooling in your Home

Ideal Solution for space with primary living areas, rooms with poor air flow, renovations, basements, attics, garages and home add-ons:

  • Up to 19 Seer Efficiency

  • Cooling range 50-115 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Washable Air Filter

  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment

  • Quick Warming Function

  • 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty

Daikin Ductless Aurora Wall Mount

The Daikin Aurora Ductless wall mount offers single-zone energy efficiency and increased control of your environment at a very low cost. These single room air conditioners are also available in heat pump models and are perfect for primary living areas, rooms with poor air flow, basements or attics, or newly renovated rooms with no duct-work. Fill out the form below for more information or call us anytime to see if the Aurora wall mount is the best option for your home.

Daikin Aurora Wall Mount
Top in Efficiency and DurabilityDaikin Aurora Wall Mount

Total Indoor climate control means having the ability to select your climate regardless of the temperatures outside.

  • Up to 20 Seer Efficiency

  • Cooling range 50-115 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Outdoor unit to withstand extreme conditions

  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment

  • Quick Warming Function

  • 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty

Daikin's LV Series

Expertise and innovation are combined in this energy-saving product to give you a variety of single-room comfort enhancements, while providing a sleek design at the same time. As always with any Daikin product, maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency are guaranteed and backed by the best warranty in the industry. The LV Series intelligent eye detects movement so that the energy saving mode can be enabled when no movement has been detected for a period of 20 minutes. This, along with programmable settings and state of the art air purification, make this wall mount unit perfect for multiple rooms in any home. Learn more by filling out the form below or contacting one of our knowledgeable experts today.

Feature Packed for Ultimate ComfortDaikin LV Series

LV Series features an intelligent eye for energy savings and horizontal auto swing outlet fins for 3-D air flow

  • Up to 24.5 Seer Efficiency

  • Cooling range 50-115 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Power air flow dual flaps and 3-D Air Flow

  • Titanium Apatite Photo-catalytic Air Purifying Filter

  • Self Diagnostics with Digital Display

  • Program Dry Function

  • Weekly Timer

  • Auto Changeover

  • Hot-start Functions

  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment

  • 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty

Daikin Quaternity

The Quaternity single-zone heating and cooling system is ideal for renovations, rooms with poor ventilation, or other areas with no accessible duct-work. Each Daikin system comes standard with a dedicated remote control in order to provide the highest convenience for access to all system functions. In addition, these heat pumps are quiet and simply use the outside air to heat or cool your home. This low energy consumption translates into lower energy bills for you, so let us know if you are interested in a Daikin Quaternity installation and our experts will provide you with all of the details.

Maximize Comfort under the most challenging weather conditionsQuaternity

Equipped with built-in intelligence and extensive features in a highly efficient system, Quaternity provides comfortable and refreshing indoor enviroment with advanced filtration and climate control.

  • Up to 26.1 Seer Efficiency

  • Cooling range 14-109 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Power airflow dual flaps and 3-D Airflow

  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment

  • Quick Warming Function

  • 12 Year Parts Limited Warranty

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