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Indoor Air Quality Products

Aprilaire Air Purifiers

Breathe Easy with an Aprilaire Air Filter

According to the EPA, Indoor Air Quality could be the most polluted air you breath. Just one cubic foot of air inside your home can have up to 100 times more pollutants than outside, causing up to 94% of all respiratory problems. Dust in your home is a mixture of mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, pollen and other harmful contaminants. Improve the air quality in your home by installing an Aprilaire Air Purifier system today!

Eliminate Coughing & Sneezing at Home

Aprilaire Air Purifiers will eliminate up to:Aprilaire

  • 80% of Virus and Ultra-fine Particles

  • 95% of Tobacco Smoke and Smog

  • 98% of Pet Dander and Respirable Dust

  • 98% of Bacteria and Fungi

  • 99% of Pollen and Mold Spores

Dust Mite40,000 Dust Mites can live in just one ounce of dust

Aprilaire Dehumidifier

Protect Your Home From High Humidity

Reduce growth of mold and mildew in your home by installing an Aprilaire Dehumidifier system. Controlling excessive humid conditions can increase overall comfort by eliminating that sticky air feeling. Contact us today for more information!

Keep Humidity out of your Home

Too much humidity in your home can cause a lot of problems, especially when it comes to mold. If you have a musky smelling basement, an Aprilaire Dehumidifier can solve that problem.

  • Dehumidifies homes up to 5,200 square feet

  • Removes up to 11 7/8 gallons of moisture per day

  • Made in USA

  • 5 year warranty

Aprilaire Humidifier

Improve Family Health and Energy Efficiency

Protect your family and home when you install a new Aprilaire Whole Humidifier system. Controlling the humidity in your home helps to prevent sicknesses like colds and viruses, as well as reducing asthma symptoms. Purchasing a humidifier is an investment that continues to pay for itself by allowing you to stay warmer at lower temperatures, saving you money in heating costs. Contact us today for more information!

Problems with Dry Air

Low Humidity isn't just uncomfortable, it causes problems in your home

  • Makes you more susceptible to catching a cold

  • Causes an increase in respiratory infections

  • Dries your skin and gives you itchy eyes

  • Builds up static shock

  • Makes your home feel cooler

  • Causes walls and woodwork to crack

Humidifier Solutions

Save Money when you add Humidity to your Home

  • Controls health by keeping airwaves and nasal passages healthy

  • Protects your home by keeping your woodwork and electronics safe

  • Saves money by allowing you lower your thermostat

iWave Air Purifier

The Advantages of iWave Air Purification Systems

iWave Air Purification is a great stress-free way to keep the air you breathe clean and free from inhabitants. iWave's technology generates ions that reduce allergens like mold and mildew, viruses, particles, smoke and odors in the air. iWave air purifiers leave no harmful byproducts and include a self-cleaning design, allowing you to enjoy several years of maintenance-free performance.

Healthy, Fresh Air

The iWave Purification System uses a non-ozone producing feature to keep the air that you breathe free of pollutants

  • Self cleaning, requires no maintenance

  • Installs in any duct air conditioning or heating system

  • Needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator

  • "Clumps" pollutants together so that the air filter will catch all of it

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You may like to think it can never happen in your home, but we would much rather keep you safe than have you be sorry. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause serious harm to you or your family members if it goes undetected. Here at Legacy Heating and Air, Inc, we care about your family's safety and that's why we offer installation of life-saving products like these throughout northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan. Our professionals are well-versed in carbon monoxide installation and the price for this product is a very small one to pay for the peace of mind you will get by having one. Call us now to schedule your carbon monoxide detector installation.

Professional Grade Protection Carbon Monoxide Detector

Measuring at lower levels saves lives

Legacy Heating and Air features the Defender LL6070 low level carbon monoxide monitor that continuously displays CO levels with detection starting at 5 PPM. It is the detector that protects our own families:

  • A visual alert is activated when 10 PPM of CO is detected, and visual and audible alarm begins at 15 PPM.
  • Accurate, Reliable Electrochemical Sensor
  • Integrated Filter for Removing Nuisance Gases
  • Extra-Large Alpha Numeric LCD Readout
  • Samples for Carbon Monoxide Every 5 seconds
  • Automatically Displays Current CO Levels of 5 PPM or more
  • Intuitive Alarm, Power and Service LEDís
  • Manually Displays Peak CO Level from 5 to 500 PPM
  • Manually Displays Peak Duration of exposure from 0-999 minutes
  • Separate Test and Memory Buttons
  • Integrated Battery Activation/Deactivation Switch
  • Self Diagnostic Circuitry and Sensor Life Monitor
  • Secure-Lock Mounting System
  • Three Year Ltd Factory Warranty for Alarm Batteries

UV Lights Installation Services UV Lights

What is UV Light and what does it do?

The UV (Ultra Violet) Light is a product that will be installed over the coil of your furnace.What does it do?

  • The main problem that is solves is that it helps to eliminate mold growth on your air conditioning coils inside your furnace

  • Without mold spores circulating in your home, the quality of the air in your environment will be drastically improved.

  • UV lights will also improve any odors from cooking, pets or teenage boys.

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