Furnaces: Keeping your Family Warm

Whether you are looking to make your first furnace purchase or need to replace an old one, Legacy Heating and Air offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs. Every Daikin furnace is engineered to create an inside environment just as refreshing as the outside. Experience our advanced technologies and increase the efficiency of your home - which means saving money at the same time! Read more details below on which furnace system may be best in your home and contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment!LargeGroupNewFurnace-VRV-MiniSplit-HR

Gas Solutions

Utilizing Natural Gas to Warm your home

Legacy Heating and Air utilizes natural gas to heat your home.

Click Here to watch a video on how Daikin Gas Furnaces Work.

Daikin Gas Furnace



Current Offers

Geothermal Solutions

Use the Earth to Heat and Cool your home


Geothermal furnaces allow you to take advantage of the Earth to heat and cool your home.


What is Geothermal?


Legacy's Community Involvement 

Electric Ductless Heat

Utilizing Electricity to Heat your Home

Daikin is the world leader in Ductless Technology.  Ideal for heating small places or supplementing current systems, ductless heating provides comfort without the need for ducts.


Daikin Ductless Solutions