Daikin DX13SA Air Conditioner

This whole house air conditioning system is a great product for a starter home as it is very affordable, while also offering a 14 SEER energy-efficiency rating. The Daikin DX13SA is sleek and quiet and comes with Daikin's impressive warranties. Learn more about the DX13SA whole house air conditioning system by filling out the form below or contacting one of the experts at Legacy Heating and Air today!

Daikin DX13SA whole house air conditioner

Efficiencies with Low Start-up Cost

  • Up to 14 SEER Efficient

  • Single Speed Condenser Fan Motor

  • Quiet Operation

  • Copeland CoreSense Advanced Diagnostics Monitors the system for trouble spots

  • 6 Year Unit Replacement Warranty

  • 12 Years Limited Parts Warranty

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