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Legacy Heating & Air R22 Notice

This communication only impacts households whose central air conditioning system still requires R-22 refrigerant.

UPDATE: To best serve all of our customers, we have extended the credit options for replacing your R-22 system.
Please note that the R-22 repair cut-off is still 3/1/23. See below for the latest credit options.

What are my options on replacing my R-22 system?
Replacements Performed:

  • Before 3/31/2023 — Additional $1,000 CREDIT
  • Before 4/30/2023 — Additional $500 CREDIT

All replacement of R-22 systems inquiries, send to: info@legacyheatingandairinc.com

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the complete phase-out of Class II Ozone-Depleting Substances, including R-22 refrigerant. The EPA halted the importation and production of R-22 on January 1st, 2020.

( More information at: https://www.epa.gov/ods-phaseout/homeowners-and-consumers-frequently-asked-questions ).

Since the initial phase-out, ServiceOne has been using stored/pre-purchased supplies.
Legacy is no longer be able to guarantee support on R-22 refrigerant repairs. Please contact us to learn your options.


How do I know if my system uses R22 Refrigerant?

If your ac system was installed before 2010, there is a higher likelihood of using R-22 Refrigerant.

If you aren’t sure, there is a label on the outside unit, which should specify the refrigerant used. The label might say “R22,” “R-22,” or “HCFC-22.” These are all R-22 refrigerant.

If unable to determine, email a picture of the model & serial number to: info@legacyheatingandairinc.com

Can you swap out R22 Refrigerant and replace with R-410A?

If your device is operating on R-22 you cannot merely select any supplier of refrigerant and “swap” coolant. The cooling systems are incompatible and could harm your system as R-410A runs at a much higher pressure. Your system would need to be replaced.

Can I purchase R22 independently?

An EPA certification does apply for purchase. The average homeowner cannot purchase R22 coolant for themselves. There are strict regulations as to how to reuse and recycle the refrigerant, including record-keeping, degradation and reclaiming

What repairs will be performed without R22 Refrigerant coverage?

Motors, fan blades, capacitors, contactors, control boards

What repairs will not be performed without R22 Refrigerant coverage?

Adding any freon, sealed system repairs, coils, compressor, txv, expansion valves, reversing valves.

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