HVAC System Zoning

HVAC system zoning provides you with the ability to control the temperature in every room (or general area) of your home. This is possible by placing a thermostat in each room or area, then having an automatic damper in the ductwork that controls airflow into each room. At first, it may seem like this idea is going a little overboard, however, you wouldn't think it was normal to control every single light in your home with one light switch. So why is it normal to control all of the heating and cooling with just one, central thermostat? Zoning can provide up to a 30% savings on your monthly utility bill, so what are you waiting for? Find out more about how to zone your home from Legacy's heating and cooling experts.

Zoning your Home

Heat and Cool ONLY the Rooms you Use

Zoning your home is a cost effective way to heat and cool the rooms you use most often and eliminate energy waste in rooms that you use less.

Legacy Heating and Air's damper system allows you to zone your entire home without reworking ductwork.