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Daikin Furnaces Keeping your Family Warm

Whether you are looking to make your first furnace purchase or need to replace an old one, Legacy Heating and Air offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs. Every Daikin furnace is engineered to create an inside environment just as refreshing as the outside. Experience our advanced technologies and increase the efficiency of your home - which means saving money at the same time! Read more details below on which furnace system may be best in your home and contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

Single Stage Furnace

A single stage furnace blasts the home with warmth

A single stage furnace has one temperature set point and one fan speed.


  • Lowest Entry cost initially for the equipment

  • Proves cost efficient heat for the entire home

  • Short equipment run times


  • House will heat unevenly due to the starting and stopping

  • The house could seem a little drafty with the furnace shutting on and off

Daikin DM92SS Single Stage Gas Furnace

The Daikin DM92SS is a single-stage, multi-speed, multi-position gas furnace that is known for its reliability and efficiency. This unit is run-tested for both heating and cooling applications and includes Daikin's extensive warranty coverage. To learn more about this low-cost, high-value furnace or to schedule an appointment, contact our knowledgeable experts today!

The Daikin DM92SS offers:

  • Up to 92% efficiency

  • Durable tubular stainless-steel heat exchanger

  • Secondary stainless-steel heat exchanger for increased efficiency

  • Quiet multi-speed blower motor

  • Quiet Single-speed induced draft blower

  • Single-stage gas valve

  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable baked-enamel finish

  • Teams well with the DX13SA

Two Stage Furnace

A two stage furnace warms the house gradually.

A two stage furnace has two temperature set points and two fan speeds


  • Provides more cost efficent heat for the entire home

  • The home heats gradually as the furnace runs longer at lower capacities

  • Draftiness is replaced with comfort


  • Higher initial cost than the single stage

  • Heats more even than the single stage, but not as well as the Modulating

Daikin DM96HS Gas Furnace

The Daikin DM96HS is a whole house gas furnace, featuring multi-speed, multi-position and is run-tested for heating or combined heating/cooling. The secondary stainless steel heat exchanger will provide your family with reliable warmth at an incredible level of efficiency. With an unbeatable value backed by the highly-recommended Daikin reputation, you can't go wrong with this furnace option - and it qualifies for special energy rebates. Contact one of our heating experts today to discuss questions or installation details.

"The Hybrid"

The Daikin DM96HS provides the comfort of the the Two Stage furnace at an aggressive price point. The Daikin DM96HS has two gas set points to give you the comfort of a two stage furnace with multi-speed blower to provide even flow comfort.

  • 96% Efficient

  • Self Diagnositc control board continuously monitors the systems for consistent reliable operation

  • Durable stainless-steel heat exchanger with a LIFETIME warranty

  • Qualifies for Energy Rebates

Daikin DM96VC Furnace System

Looking for a whole house gas furnace that provides indoor comfort while also being remarkably quiet? The Daikin DM96VC meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and is Energy Star Certified. Visit the Daikin website to read the outstanding reviews or watch a feature video on this product. If you are ready to chat, our heating experts are always available for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Variable-Speed ComfortNet Communicating Systems Gas Furnace

The DM96VC features:

  • Up to 96% Efficient

  • ComfortNet communicating system-compatible

  • Durable tubular stainless-steel heat exchanger

  • Secondary stainless-steel heat exchanger for increased efficiency

  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed indoor blower motor

  • Quiet two-speed induced draft blower

  • Self-diagnostic control board continuously monitors the system for consistent reliable operation

  • Two-stage gas valve

  • Matches well with the DX16TC for Air Conditioning

  • Eligible for Energy Rebates

Daikin DM96VE Furnace

With any Daikin furnace, you are guaranteed years of dependable performance, but the Daikin DM96VE will also deliver an incredible amount of monetary savings with its efficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE compared to lower AFUE furnaces. In addition, you will receive the lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty with the purchase of this furnace along with the eligibility of our energy rebate programs. Ask us about the DM96VE whole house gas furnace today!

The Daikin brand DM96VE is a multi-speed, multi-position gas furnace, complete with our heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger and durable silicon nitrite hot-surface ignition system.

The Daikin DM96VE features:

  • Up to 96% Efficient

  • Durable tubular stainless-steel heat exchanger

  • Secondary stainless-steel heat exchanger for increased efficiency

  • Quiet multi-speed ECM indoor blower motor

  • Quiet Two Speed induced draft blower

  • Self Diagnostic control board continuously monitors the system for consistent reliable operation

  • Two Stage Gas valve

  • Fully insulated heat exchanger and blower section

  • Works will by partnering at DX16TC for ultimate in cooling

  • Eligible for Energy Rebates

Modulating Furnace

The ultimate in comfort when heating your home.

Modulating Furnaces have multiple set points and fan speeds


  • The long term the most cost efficient way to hear your entire home

  • The furnace runs consistently to provide even heat at lower capacity levels

  • Since the furnace runs consistently, the home heats evenly eliminating almost all draftiness


  • Highest Initial Cost

Daikin DM97MC Furnace

Rated Daikin's best furnace, this feature-rich whole house gas furnace includes the Modulating, Variable-Speed ComfortNet Communicating System and often runs at the lowest speed in order to deliver a constant, steady temperature at all times. Our heating experts would be happy to provide you more information on the DM97MC, the energy rebates it is eligible for, and great options for an air conditioner that will complement this system. Contact us today!

Modulating Furnace Supply Supreme Comfort with Ultimate Efficiency

The Daikin DM97MC Features:

  • Up to 97% Efficient

  • Durable Tubular Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger

  • Secondary stainless-steel heat exchanger for increased efficiency

  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed induced draft blower motor

  • Self-Calibrating modulating gas valve auto configures for each installation

  • Self-Diagnostic control board continuously monitors the system for consistent reliable operation

  • Fully insulated heat exchanger and blower section

  • Matches well with the DX20VC for Air Conditioning

  • Eligible for Energy Rebates

The Daikin Heat Exchanger

The Lifetime Warranty

The Daikin Heat Exchanger is the heart beat of your gas powered furnace. Daikin's Lifetime Heat Exchanger is made of one piece of Stainless Steel.

All of Daikin's Furnaces are equipped with this heat exchanger, regardless of single or two stages as well as modified furnace.

What is a Heat Exchanger?

The Heat Exchanger carries the gas and heat through the furnace. If the heat exchanger fails, the furnace can become dangerous by releasing harmful gas into you your home.

Tubular Heat Exchanger Advantages

  • Wrinkle Bend Technology
  • No Wall Thinning
  • Added Turbulance to gain efficiency
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Air can flow 360 degrees around the tube
  • No eyelets
  • Tubes can expand freely

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