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Who is Daikin

Daikin Is One of the World’s Largest Heating & Air Providers in the World

Daikin is the world’s largest makers of air conditioners. Not only are you getting the best technology in the marketplace, but these American-made products give you the best bang for your hard earned dollar.

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About Daikin Products

Daikin products are made in Houston, Texas. If it is for this country, it is made in the United States, creating 5,000 jobs.

Daikin offers the best warranties in the business, including lifetime warranty on heat exchangers on Daikin gas furnaces.

Daikin is Reliable

Stronger warranties and the commitment to improving technology to lessen the effect on the environment, Daikin was an easy choice for Legacy Heating and Air, Inc.

Daikin Warranty

What’s the Difference?

Non-Inverter (single and two-stage) HVAC systems function like your car does in the city:

Non Inverter Graphic

This causes your vehicle to work harder and use more resources to run, decreasing your overall MPG.

Inverter (variable-speed) HVAC systems function like your car does on the highway:

Inverter Graphic

Cruise control allows you to match speed to road condition, boosting your overall MPG


The Daikin One Ecosystem

Enjoy Your Space

Home is where we live, where we laugh, and where we create memories.

Since the average American spends 90% of their life indoors* and some indoor pollutants can often be 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations**, it is important to live comfortably and take control of the air quality within your home.

With the Daikin One ecosystem ***, you can do just that. With solutions to help DETECT, VISUALIZE, and ACT, addressing common indoor air quality (IAQ) issues is possible.

*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1989. Report to Congress on indoor air quality: Volume 2. EPA/400/1- 89/001C. Washington, DC. (accessed July 2020).

**U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1987. The total exposure assessment methodology (TEAM) study: Summary and analysis. EPA/600/6-87/002a. Washington, DC. (accessed July 2020).

*** Components sold separately

Challenges Common indoor air quality issues and ways to address them


When you add the Daikin One home air monitor to your whole home ducted system, it will help detect, visualize, and support actions to improve the indoor air quality within your space


From the Daikin One+ smart thermostat, or Daikin One Home App on your smartphone, visualize and take action to control the comfort within your space.


Ventilation systems replace stale indoor air with outdoor air — providing the fresh-air feel of an open window, with minimal heat/ energy loss.

  • Daikin One Powered Ventilator
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Air filtration systems capture up to 95% of particles ranging in size down to 0.3 microns and keep them from recirculating back into your home‘s air.

  • Daikin One Air Cleaner
  • HEPA Air Cleaner
  • Replacement Filters

UV lights shine light onto the cooling coil to reduce the risk of mold growth and odors from damp coils.

  • Coil Purifier (For Furnaces & Air Handlers)
Humidity Control

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers work with the home‘s heating and cooling system to help maintain a comfortable humidity level in every room. A constant, comfortable humidity setting in your home allows you to lower the setting on your thermostat and still have the same level of comfort, saving energy and money in the process.

Humidity Control
01 Airborne Particles

Airborne particles originates from dust, pets, pollen, smoke, diesel exhaust, and other sources. They can often lead to eye, nose and throat irritation.

Detection Visualization Filtration
A girl painting her nails.
02 Odors and Gases

Produced by indoor activities/items such as cooking, painting, animals, or smoking. Depending on the situation, household odors and gases may cause eye, nose, throat, or lung irritation.

Detection Visualization Ventilation Filtration
A street with a lot of gases
03 Ozone

Indoor ozone is primarily a result of outdoor ozone that enters a building. Ozone forms outdoors when air pollutants (emitted by sources such as cars, power/ chemical plants) react chemically in the presence of sunlight. Based on the level (and the person), ozone may cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, throat irritation, etc.

Mother and daughter
04 Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (C02) within the home is primarily from humans and pets breathing, and any combustion taking place such as candles, gas stoves, etc. Prolonged exposure may result in tiredness and decreased cognition.

A girl spraying something in her hair
05 Formaldehyde

Widely used in manufacturing processes by different industries, it is found in numerous items in the home. Exposure may cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. Prolonged exposure may contribute to some types of cancer.

Ventilation Filtration
A girl looking at herself in a foggy mirror
06 Humidity Control

If not controlled, indoor humidity can lead to excess moisture in the home. Indoor humidity is also a sign of an improperly sized system. If not controlled properly, homes can experience mold growth and occupants may experience dry skin or other health issues as a result.

Detection Visualization Ventilation Filtration


Indoor air quality and comfort concerns are not uncommon. The struggle most homeowners face is not knowing how to address these issues in the best way. With Daikin, your Daikin Pro will work with you to understand concerns, current issues, and other comfort goals to design the best solution for you.

DETECT Dikin Air Monitor

The Daikin One home air monitor monitors and learns baseline air quality in the home, over 7 days, then provides a rolling 7-day average baseline.

When potential particulate and/or chemical events occur outside of this average baseline, the Daikin One home air monitor will detect the potential deviation and send alerts

VISUALIZE Daikin One+ smart thermostat

Visualize the estimated air quality in real-time directly on the Daikin One+ smart thermostat or through the smartphone app.

Through the Indoor Air Quality Event Monitor, you will see when particles or chemicals are elevated (compared to the 7-day baseline) to help to understand and control your air.

ACT Daikin One ecosystem

With built-in Air Intelligence, the Daikin One home air monitor and Daikin One ecosystem line provide adaptive solutions based on the air quality alerts.

Based on the installed Daikin One ecosystem products, different options are available to help you address the alert.

Daikin One Ecosystem

Daikin Communicating HVAC Equipment


How much could I save in energy costs with a Daikin inverter system?

The Daikin efficiency advisor is an online tool designed to help identify how much can be saved with a Daikin inverter system.Visit the Daikin efficiency advisor today!

What is Clean Comfort?

Clean Comfort IAQ Essentials are an extension of the Daikin One ecosystem. Whatever your indoor air issue may be, Clean Comfort can help complete your whole-home solution. To learn more, ask your Daikin Pro what options would fit your Daikin One ecosystem. Visit cleancomfort.com today!

Do you offer an extended service plan?

Daikin understands that you expect to enjoy years of uninterrupted service from your home comfort system. By including an Asure Extended Service Plan you can have peace of mind knowing that in the event of an equipment failure, Daikin will pick up the cost of the repair. For only pennies a day, your system can be protected from the unplanned cost of a service call and from the increasing cost of service over the life of your equipment.

Contact your local Daikin sales representative or local contractor for more information on current extended service plans that are available to you.

Where can I find information about local rebates?

Visit https://daikincomfort.com/rebates to see if you are eligible!

Where to Buy

Working with a Daikin Comfort Pro will bring you great comfort. As some of the best HVAC contractors in the industry, these highly qualified and trained professionals will quickly and effectively address your heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

Our Daikin Comfort Pros are always on call to assist you with quotes, maintenance, repairs and anything else you would need. Get started with us by using our dealer locator and connect with an expert now.

Daikin Fit Overview

Superior Daikin Products from Legacy Heating and Air, Inc.

A Revolutionary Side Discharge System That Won’t Compromise On Comfort. The Daikin Fit System Offers Solutions When The Traditional Cube Style Cannot.

Air is essential to our existence and Daikin’s role and responsibility in enriching it continues to expand. Daikin is devoted, with unbridled passion, to overcoming the ever- evolving challenges of the air around us. Leveraging our leading, cutting- edge technologies, with a holistic focus on performance, reliability, design, aesthetics, air environment, ease of use and efficiency, we create outstanding products and system solutions to realize a comfortable and sustainable living environment for all people and all regions of the world.

Daikin Fit

Going beyond the limitations of the traditional HVAC box

Your home is unique, just like your comfort needs. Although traditional “cube style” systems have been providing comfort for years, they can be cumbersome for certain spaces. The compact size of the Daikin Fit system now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise.

  • Perfect for homes with limited installation space
  • Can be ground or wall-mounted to free up additional (valuable) space where it matters most
  • Slick and slim profile – ideal for zero lot line homes and/or locations, patio, terrace, roof, and multi-story locations that would typically require a crane to install

Space-saving. Efficient. Affordable.

Daikin Fit Features:

  • Up to 18 SEER / Up to 10 HSPF (for heat pump)
  • Inverter (variable-speed) Compressor – Ideal indoor comfort and efficiency
  • Low operational sound levels – Reclaim outdoor space
  • Quiet-mode – Provides enhanced acoustical comfort
  • Blue Fin Corrosion Coating – Long condenser coil life and reliability
  • Swing Compressor – Quiet and dependable
  • Side panel access – Ease of service for annual maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight – The trunk style outdoor unit is perfect when installation space is limited

Heat Pump Unit Features:

  • Intelligent Defrost Mode The outdoor unit will enable this mode to help prevent frost/ice from building up in cold climate conditions. It will also help with longer heating operation time for additional comfort for occupants (compared to HVAC systems without this function).
  • – A selectable defrost backup heat option, when turned off, will lower power consumption during defrost.
  • Advanced water-shedding drain pan – engineered with multiple drain holes and channels to help provide effective water shedding.
  • Hot start technology – When the heating operation starts or when the unit changes from cooling to heating there is no cold draft released into the room.

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    Daikin VRV LIFE

    Daikin is the World’s No. 1 air conditioning company. Thanks to our constant innovation in comfort, energy efficiency, control and reliability, we define the benchmarks for quality within the industry.

    At the core of the VRV LIFE systems is built-in intelligence that gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, the space-saving VRV LIFE system is ideal for most residential projects.

    Your space, brought to LIFE Life Logo

    Daikin VRV LIFE systems are the industry’s first VRV heat pump with gas furnace connectivity for residential applications. The new VRV LIFE systems offer solutions to some of the traditional HVAC challenges for single family applications.

    Compact and quiet operation Outdoor Silent

    Compact and quiet operation inside and out. Outdoor unit runs 10 dBA less than traditional system (when compared to Daikin DZ14SA), and can use up to 75% less outdoor space.

    Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality modules such as air cleaning systems, humidity control, air purification, and ventilation can be added incrementally into your home to make it the perfect indoor climate based on your family’s needs, and usage of your home.

    Since 1982, VRV* systems have become established as the standard for energy saving, flexibility and comfort. In short, VRV air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption compared to traditional central ducted systems. And when it comes to your energy bill, less energy consumed means less money spent. Now, VRV systems have been re-imagined and re-engineered to tackle the many challenges of the traditional systems with the goal of enriching the life of homeowners across North America. The many intelligent features included to benefit your comfort represent VRV LIFE.

    *The name VRV derives from this technology that we call “variable refrigerant volume”

    VRV LIFE systems features

    • Flexibility with mix-match of ducted and duct-free indoor units
    • Reduced power consumption with flexibility to turn off indoor units not in use
    • Dual-fuel heating with heat pump and gas heat simultaneously
    • Space-saving with ability to connect 2 gas furnaces to one outdoor unit1
    • Quiet operation with sound levels under 58 dBA 2
    • Choice of gas or heat pump heat
    • Custom, selectable and programmable temperature to switch from heat pump to gas heat
    • Add or remove zones without having to worry about ductwork

    (1) When compared to a system of two outdoor units combined with two gas furnaces and A-Coils.
    (2) Model specific, refer to product engineering manual for details.

    VRV Life Systems


    Zoning is an important factor that contributes to energy savings and comfort – standard central ducted systems do not have the ability to precisely adapt to your lifestyle and how you use your home. In most cases, larger homes can be separated in 2 zones, each zone being served by a separate system.

    Daikin VRV LIFE systems provide effective zoning solutions by offering the flexibility to connect up to 9 zones to a single system. Precision engineered refrigerant control allows system operation to meet the needs of individual zones.

    Flexible Dual-Fuel
    Dual Gas Furnace
    Heat Pump
    Heat Pump or Gas Furnace

    Daikin VRV LIFE systems are the industry’s first VRV Heat Pump with gas furnace connectivity for residential applications. The new VRV LIFE systems offers solutions to some of the traditional HVAC challenges for single family applications.

    Traditional Ducted System Traditional Ducted System
    • Thermostat wars, one temperature doesn’t fit all rooms
    • Energy wasted in areas not in use or through large duct systems
    • Hot and cold rooms due to poor air distribution
    VRV LIFE™ System VRV LIFE™ System
    • Personalized comfort, no more argument over the temperature
    • Energy savings: turn off zones not in use
    • Solve hot and cold spots by adding more indoor units


    A kitchen with wooden floors

    Mix-match ducted and ductless units by connecting up to nine zones to one outdoor unit

    The front of a house with a garden

    Space-saving with ability to connect 2 gas furnaces to one outdoor unit

    A bedroom bay window

    Custom, selectable and programmable temperature to switch from heat pump to gas heat

    Quiet operation

    Quiet operation with sound levels under 58 dBA

    Operational Efficiencies

    VRV LIFE systems are engineered with Daikin inverter and variable refrigerant temperature (VRT) technologies. These empower the compressor to operate at its optimal efficiencies during part load operations and thereby reducing power consumption* and providing high operational efficiencies.


    Daikin VRV systems are globally renowned for their quietness. With operating sound pressure levels as low as 57 dbA, VRV LIFE is an optimal solution for installation close to lot lines and sound sensitive applications.


    With a compact, light weight and space saving design of only 37”W x 12-5/8”D, VRV LIFE systems provide up to 75%2reduction in installation space compared to similar capacity top discharge unitary condensing units.


    • Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-Ton models
    • Excellent zoning flexibility with 1-to-1 and 1-to-multi connections
    • Broader diversity with ability to provide cooling and heating in up to 9 zones
    • Ability to choose heat pump or multi-zone Dual-Fuel heating capability
    • Auto and programmable modes for heat pump to gas heat switch over temperatures
    • Compatible with 12 types and 65 models of Daikin VRV indoor fan coil units and 80 – 97% AFUE Daikin up flow and down flow communicating gas furnaces
    • Dependable heat pump operation in extreme ambient conditions down to -4°F in heating mode and up to 122°F in cooling mode
    • Year round comfort and energy savings delivered by combining VRV and VRT technologies compared to traditional split systems
    • Engineered with Daikin’s swing Inverter compressor technology


    SEER Up to 18
    HSPF Up to 10.5
    Compressor Type Inverter
    Inverter Technology

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