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How Does Your Furnace & AC Work Together?

Your furnace and air conditioners work together to provide optimal home comfort for your home.

Upgrading your air conditioner will be affected by the efficiency of your heating system.

Here is how they work together:

  1. Furnace heats the air in the winter and the blower circulates air throughout the home.
  2. AC evaporator coil removes heat and humidity in the summer. The longer the fan runs, the more humidity is removed from the house
  3. Condensate lines carries excess moisture to the floor drain that is created in the process.
  4. Compressor circulates refrigerant through evaporator coil and expels heat outdoors.
  5. The air runs through your filter which cleans the air quality that you breathe.

When upgrading your air conditioner, make sure that your furnace can exploit the efficiencies that your new air conditioner will bring to the table.

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