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One Stage vs Two Stage Air Conditioners

So you have seen the signs that you are in need of a new air conditioner. All of your research talks about single stage and two stage air conditioning.

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Air Conditioners

The main difference between the single stage and two stage air conditioners is the type of compressor they use.

  • A single stage air conditioner’s compressor only works one level of operation cooling your home at full blast.
  • A two stage air conditioner’s compressor works at two levels of operations, high for hot summer days(much like the single stage blast for the single stage ACs) and low for milder days when you don’t need as much cooling.

Benefits of Two Stage Air Conditioners

The two main benefits for getting the two stage air conditioner are

  • Greater energy efficiency – Like a car, an air conditioner costs less to operate when it turns on and off less often. Each time the AC starts up, it costs more because of the greater energy needed to start up. A single-stage air conditioner turns on and off more frequently because it can only cool at one speed, then turn off once it reaches your thermostat setting. But the two-stage air conditioner can meet your cooling needs about 80% of the time with its low setting, meaning it will run more often without as many starts and stops.
  • Greater comfort – Because the two-stage air conditioner runs more often, it will provide more even cooling and can remove twice as much moisture/humidity from your air.

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