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Single Stage, Two Stage or Modulation…That Is the Question

The question that scholars have been puzzled over for years…Single Stage, Two Stage Furnace or Modulated.
Let’s try to shed some light on the exciting world of furnaces.

Basically, it all comes down to efficiency and comfort level. Since many of our consumers don’t buy furnaces every day lets try to break it down to a car.

Single Stage Furnace- A single-stage furnace is like a car that has two speeds, 0 and 60 miles an hour. You get into the car and start it up it goes 60 miles down the street. When you get up to 60 miles up it will shut off and coast. When you slow down a little bit, it will start up again going 60 miles again then shut off and repeat the process in until you coast into the parking lot. You will be there, however, the ride won’t be as smooth as it could be (in the furnace world, you might experience some draftiness in the house with the furnace kicking on and off). This car(furnace) will be efficient but not as efficient as it could be. An Example of this furnace would be a DM92SS

Two-Stage Furnace- A two-stage furnace is like a car that has three speeds, 0 then 30 then 60. You get into your car and start at 60 miles and if you’re not getting there as soon as you want, it will kick it up to 60 then coast down to 30 then back up to 60. The ride will be a lot smoother than a single stage furnace(car) and there will be fewer drafts in the house because the furnace will run longer than a single stage furnace. Examples of this Furnace would be a DM96VC DM96VE or DM96HS

Modulating Furnace- A modulating furnace is like a car that runs at several variable speeds….3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc until it achieves the speed that is needed to get where you want to go never completely shutting down or dipping down. The modulating furnace will run a lot longer with a consistent flow of air running throuh your home giving you an even temperature throughout the house. Draftiness will all but be eliminated. Examples of this Furnace would be a DM97MC

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