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Tips to Stay Healthier in Flu and Cold Season

We don’t need to tell you that it is cold and flu season, but guess what, it is cold and flu season. Legacy Heating and Air has some good ideas on how to keep you out of the doctor’s office or hopped up on cold medicine.

Clean those Ducts

Do you know what is in the ducts in your house? Probably nothing right? Just years of dust build up that is now circulating around your home. I wouldn’t worry about them. No big deal? Wrong! Ducts should be cleaned every 5 years to prevent build up. Clean Ducts mean cleaner air!

Buy a plant

We all love plants because they make oxygen which is something us humans enjoy so much. Plants also help with humidity in the home as well. Nature’s little air filter and humidifier can make your home a little more comfortable.

Install a UV Light

Germicidal Ultra Violet Lights help reduce the spread of airborne germs and eliminate further accrual of germs in your home and inside your Heating and Air Conditioning system.

Upgrade your Filter

Upgrading your filter keeps more out of your lungs and in the filter. The Aprilaire Filters have a High Merv Rating that keeps the air clean as well as your furnace and air conditioner.


The IWAVE clumps all the dirt and dust together so that those small particles don’t sneak thru and find their way into your body.

Ditch the Toxins

Vinegar, baking sodas and some oils give you nice cleaning alternatives without the toxins and fumes inside your home.

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