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Do You Have Friends in Low Places?

Do you have a friend in a low place that is starting to cost you money? I am not talking about the guy from High School that sleeps on your couch and takes the money between the cushion, I’m talking about your furnace.

Look at this poor furnace to the left and look at the metal tube that is coming out of it’s top. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t loved as a child, it just means that your furnace is outdated technology.

On it’s best day, this furnace was an 80% efficiency furnace, top of its class. It was setting records and kicking some serious butt back in the day like Uncle Rico!

Increase Your Furnace Efficiency

But, like Uncle Rico, as it ages it will start to lose efficiencies and at the ripe old age of 15 years, it is probably about time for a new furnace.

Today’s furnaces can operate up to 97% efficiency. You can tell if you have a high-efficiency furnace if you just look at it…

You see the big difference besides the obvious product placement? Instead of a metal tube coming out of the top, it is good ole (as in old not as in festive) PVC. With high-efficiency furnaces, you will have condensation (water), which means that the pipe will have to run out the side of your home, sticking it’s head out right about the average snow line.

When your furnace is aging, consider making the step for better efficiencies and look at a high-efficient furnace. The initial cost isn’t that much greater and the long term savings will more than make up for it. Have concerns about your current furnace? Contact us today and one of our experts can help!

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