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Smart Homes Build Value

The “Smart Home” is the way of the future.  With Smart Thermostats, Smart Lighting, Appliances, Doors and Awareness systems flooding the market, customers who have these products in their homes are selling them faster and at a higher price.

According to a project by  Coldwell Banker Real Estate, 54% of buyers say that given a choice between two identical homes, one smart and one not, they’d but the smart home.  61% of millennial buyers and 59% of parents with children favor smart technology.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting has found that 65% of 22,000 home shoppers surveyed would pay extra to add on smart-home feature package.

“Smart-home technology can definitely add to market value.  If you have the data showing that houses with smart technology sell for more, then you’ve got to acknowledge that fact in some way in the appraisal report” says Virginia appraiser Pat Turner.

With Legacy Heating and Air’s Home Automation low entry cost and monthly fee, upgrading to a professional home automation system is an easy upgrade.  Save money immediately by controlling your environment from one easy application and make more money when the time to sell. 

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