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Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

If you are thinking about updating your cooling system, you may be trying to decide whether an air condition system or heat pump system is best for your home.

Here are some highlights for each:

Heat Pump

Automatically reverses during the winter by taking heat from the outside and bringing it inside your home, leaving your home warmer. Even in the cold weather, there is heat energy available. Allows support for your furnace even to many colder temperatures with efficient heating with recent technology upgrades

Air Conditioner

  • Cannot heat your home and requires another heat source
  • Have a lower cost to initially install and typically has a longer life span than a Heat Pump(Doesn’t run as much as a Heat Pump)

For more information about what cooling system is right for your situation, you can contact Legacy Heating and Air and we will provide a complimentary in-home estimate.

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