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Removing Humidity During the Summer Makes Dollars and Cents

If you lived in Northern Indiana or Southwest Michigan for any length of time, you are no stranger to high humidity levels. You may know that a dehumidifier can keep moisture under control in your home, but did you know that your device can also lower your household energy consumption?

When you turn on your cooling system on during a hot day, it does more than just lowering your temperature, it removes moisture out of the air. The lower the relative humidity makes you feel cooler and more comfortable. If you are able to lower your humidity in your home with a whole-home dehumidifier or a two stage air conditioner, you won’t have to have the thermostat set so low which saves you money while having a more comfortable environment.

Be careful about buying the smaller portable dehumidifiers from the box stores for they have a history of catching fire and are now on recall.

For every degree on your thermostat represents up to 5% in energy costs. Controlling your humidity on those hot summer days is a keep to keeping your home comfortable and money in your pocket.

Most of the humidity comes from your basement so by placing a whole home humidifier in the basement is a fantastic first step in making your home more comfortable. Here is a link from that will give you some more ideas on how to keep humidity out of your home.

Control your humidity and control your home energy cost while staying comfortable. Until next time, have a great week

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