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Combating Pollution in Your Home

Pollution is a big problem in the world today but do you know that one of the most polluted places in your everyday life is the place where you breathe and sleep every night? That’s right your home.

The builders today build “tight homes” which means that they are well insulated not letting much in or out of the house when it comes to airflow. This lack of airflow is great when it comes to heating and cooling your home, but not so great by circulating out contaminates out of your atmosphere. All the coughs and hacks that you and your kids bring home. Your pet’s fur and what they track in and out of the house. The dust from your skin that is flaking off and we won’t even think about what lives off that…two words…DUST MITES.

There are a couple of solutions that can help clean up the air you breathe as well as keeping your HVAC equipment opportunity at full efficiencies:

April Aire Filter Better filtration is an easy way to keep your environment clean as well as your furnace. The AprilAire Filter replaces the flimsy standard filter that you buy at the Box Stores with this filter needing to be changed once every six to twelve months.

IWAVE The IWAVE ionizes your breathing air which means it makes the germ and dirt particles bigger so that the filter can catch them. The bigger the particles, the easier job it is for the filter to keep it clean. Think of it as the broom that pushes things together so you can sweep it up in the dustpan.

UV Light The UV light shines on your air conditioner coil keeping that moist dark area free of mold.

Duct Cleaning This is a quick process that cleans out those vents that have been probably neglected for years. Years of build-up can cause many allergy and respiratory problems

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers control the amount of humidity in your home which can hinder the spread of Dust Mites in your home. Dust Mites need water to live and by controlling your humidity safe zones, Dust Mites struggle to survive.

There are are several solutions in keeping your environment safer and clean from unwanted inhabitants and disease. By taking control, not only will your home be healthier, but more efficient

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