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HVAC Costs Are Rising: Here’s Why The Time Is Now For Upgrades and Replacements

What’s causing the surge in pricing and how can consumers plan for more costly home maintenance? As the US continues to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic, one factor is hitting consumers almost as hard as the virus: inflation. Soaring costs in nearly every business sector are having an impact on the HVAC […]

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Winter Plumbing Tips

How to prepare your plumbing system to prevent freezing pipes and other common cold weather plumbing problems Winter Plumbing Tips When it comes to plumbing, there are certain ‘cold weather’ preventative measures that will help maintain a healthy, efficient water system and avoid excess water loss and excessive bills. In addition to the harsh winter […]

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Air Quality Impacts Productivity

The clock reads 2:00 in the afternoon and your productivity level is heading downward. You are sluggish, tired, and feel like you can no longer think clearly. A headache begins to develop. Maybe you write off your lack of energy, thinking you should have gone to bed earlier last night. Or the hectic morning combined with that carb-loaded lunch is catching up to you. But maybe there is another culprit that you – and likely your boss – have never even thought about: the air quality of your workspace. […]

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De-Humidifier Recall

Many of these little humidifiers can cause fires in your home. A dehumidifier caught on fire a little over a month ago in a Granger neighborhood. These things catch on fire because they are always turning on and off and can overheat. It is important to control your home’s humidity levels because it will allow […]

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